Friday, March 5, 2010

VERY good premiere of Das Rheingold in Paris

It's late to spill out the details but just a quick post to say that the opening night of Das Rheingold in Paris was very good. EVERY role was wonderfully sung and I do like the Günter Krämer's sense for theater, his great attention to details, his way to guide all the actors to participate in the dramatic action. In this show the singers never park & bark. Still, you'd like to see the director "crossing the line" every now and then... In this show that never happens. Although it has a leftist pretension [the idea with the Giants being the Unions works really very well] the show is pretty bourgeois ;) 
Well, a brilliantly portrayed Loge is an exception (the only place where the director steps an inch over  the line). 1 fun pic of Loge the cynic ;)

Loge - Kim Begley (superb singer and remarkable actor) 


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