Friday, March 26, 2010

Souvenirs from Bayreuth 2009 (2)

Intermissions  are 1 hour long each, but very pleasant. You should keep in mind that this is a significant social event for rich Germans. Well, not only Germans.

For example,  an English lady who was sitting next to me is a private sponsor who comes to Bayreuth every year since 1965 (!), and 3 seats from her there was a scruffy-looking passionate Wagner fan -- later on I understood he was a rich sponsor too --->  the hostesses were particularly kind to them.

Since it's an important social gathering it's important to show up in your best possible outfit. Armani suits and the designer's dresses are all over the place. Everyone looks like he/she made an effort, but after Act 1 all the pompousness about it is already gone and the people look relaxed and enjoying the moment, enjoy the walks, parks, gardens... You can buy a basket of food and picnic, there are big restaurants too, garden parties...

There is one photo you shouldn't miss: a lady in a long "golden" dress who came with her assistant  who watched after her dogs during the show, so that she could walk them during the intermissions. There I understood some people really live in parallel worlds ;)

See also two pics of the balcony where the trumpeters show up 3 times to play a few measures from  the Act that follows the current intermission. I guess there is no need to stress that everything is impeccably clean everywhere.


This is the famous Wahnfried House -- nowadays a museum -- which you simply MUST visit. It is a very strict "No Photo"-zone so I've got no pics from the museum's interior. If you like Wagner and his operas, all your expectations will be met -- it's awesome!
In front of the museum is the bust of Ludwig II, the king of Bavaria.

This complex is in Bayreuth downtown,  about 30-40 min walk from the Festspielhaus.


These photos are taken behind the Wahnfried House where you can sit in the park and spend some quality time in a divinely peaceful atmosphere. In a garden attached to that park is the tomb of Richard and Cosima; in green-ivy.  A few wreaths made of fresh flowers are placed next to the tomb. On one ribbon it writes "Mit Herzlichem Dank" -- "Die Solisten der Bayreuther Festspiele" (lower-left pic).


Bayreuth lives with the Festspiele -- even the chemist is called "Richard Wagner". Everything is calm and pleasant, but I suspect you'd DIE of boredom if there was no Festival ;)
In such a small town, 820 km away from France (Annecy), I spotted a hilariously christened French restaurant "Miamiam - Glouglou"   ;)

Of course you can't take photos in the Festspielhaus, so I don't have the pics from the shows I've seen: Herheim's production of Parsifal, Marthaler's Tristan und Isolde, and Act 3 of Katharina Wagner's Meistersinger.
B&B accommodation is very good and cheap (40€/night). For diner you can go to "Miamiam - Glouglou".


  1. Act 3 of Katharina Wagner's Meistersinger...the reason being..??

  2. MANY people --who come w/o ticket-- don't get to see anything.

    You wait, you don't get to see the show but you still stay around the Festspielhaus and wait to see if someone of the rich guests would leave after one of the two intermissions. When they do, they sell you their tickets for 50-100 euros each.

    That's how I got to see only the 3rd act of Die Meistersinger. Well, that was kinda OK since I saw the same production on DVD months before going to Bayreuth.

    To me Parsifal was the main target and that was [and still is] the greatest operatic experience in my life.