Sunday, March 28, 2010

Tonight la prima of Parsifal in Stuttgart, Dialogues des Carmélites in Munich, and Daphne in Frankfurt

On the website of the Staatsoper Stuttgart there is a short promotional video where his awesomeness, Calixto Bieito, talks about his take on this masterpiece-opera.
Parsifal for me is coming from poverty, no cultural education, and somebody is manipulating him to be a hero, to be a kind of Jesus Christ... and he's the new model of the society.
Watch out for Andrew Richards who's singing the title role in Stuttgart. He's got the potential to be as good as Christopher Ventris and Klaus Florian Vogt.

 Click on "Read more" to see a trailer for each of the three shows [Parsifal, Dialogues des Carmélites, and Daphne].

At the same time in Munich, at the Bayrische Staatsoper, is premiered the new production of Dialogues des Carmélites directed by one more of our fave directors, Dmitri Tcherniakov. Very appealing trailer for this one too:

And finally, Daphne at the Oper Frankfurt: also a new production, and also premiered tonight. Directed by Claus Guth (who is not my fave director but can be very good too) the cast includes Maria Bengtsson  [a hottie and a superb  soprano whose extraordinary Armida in the Bieito's production at the Komische I'll never forget].  Click here to watch the trailer.


  1. Just wondering how it is going!! Sounds a very exciting production, and I wish i was going. Hopefully it will be filmed or streamed

  2. Hi Peter! If everything remains stable at work, I should be in Stuttgart next Thursday for the 2nd show. I'll blog the next day ;)