Thursday, March 25, 2010

Une petite salle parisienne: Concert with Max Emanuel Cencic

Salle Gaveau in Paris is a nice concert hall;  a small auditorium hosting less than 1000 people, looking like a chapel, but acoustics is fantastic.

Even though the whole structure (auxiliary rooms, entrance, rest rooms...) looks quite provincial, the auditorium brings some peculiar intimacy to any event (recital/concert) organized in Gaveau. That was particularly the case with a beautiful all-Handel concert last night with Max Emanuel Cencic, I Barocchisti from Lugano and their conductor  Diego Fasolis.

The problem with Salle Gaveau is that it's literally 50 meters away from the premises of the national committee of UMP (UMP = the governing French right-wing party) who during various elections rent the Salle Gaveau. For that reason, la Salle Gaveau is often perceived as adjacent to the UMP committee --->  many people --liberal or politically  disoriented-- are somewhat reluctant to visit Gaveau.

It may sound unreasonable... but since the offer in Paris is so large, this is enough to make you prefer to go and see other concert halls.

Salle Gaveau, Paris, March 24, 2010

What about the last night's concert?

Salle Gaveau, March 23 2010
Overture to Feramondo
"Bella Asteria" - Tamerlano
"Benche mi sprezzi" - Tamerlano 
Sonate HWV 399
"Verdi allori" - Orlando
"Rival ti sono" - Feramondo

Overture to Xerxes
"Ombra cara" - Radamisto
"Sorge nell'alma mia" - Imeneo
Concerto 5  HWV 399
"Se bramate"  - Xerxes
"Se ben mi lusinga" - Ferramondo

Very, very, a very pleasant concert with excellent musicians, and brilliant Max Emanuel Cencic [who, in spite of evident improvement, needs to ditch his stylist ;)]. 
There is something smooth and easy-going and extremely enjoyable in his voice, even though it's unmanly/unnatural.  It's indefinite: it's not a high tenor timbre, it's not mezzo-sopranish either. It's peculiar and when sung with such an ease and virtuosity in coloratura, it becomes a treat. 
I cannot survive the long far-fetched traditionally-staged baroque operas, but a concert evening like the one last night is perfect to me. The size and acoustics of the auditorium was definitely a factor for evening to be so enjoyable.

This very generous recital finished with three encore-arias. In other words he sang almost everything recorded on his new CD.

I found on YT a good approximation of what we could listen to last night @ Gaveau [the same singer & the same orchestra/conductor]

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