Sunday, March 7, 2010

Hello New York! Titania, Oberon and the crew are coming...

I see the sensational Jonathan Kent's production of The Fairy Queen is coming to New York this month [to BAM], and the show is not sold out!!! Whata... 

 The Fairy Queen, Jonathan Kent's production presented at the Opéra Comique in Paris, January 2010

Trust me guys, you don't want to miss out on this one. It's so much better than the usual Met soup... It's one of those shows that stays with you forever. [ DVD will be released after the run in New York.]

I saw it both in theater and recorded and it's soooo much better in the theater -- you can see better the details and feel that special spark between the stage/pit and the audience. 

If Love's a Sweet Passion, why does it torment?
If a Bitter, oh tell me whence comes my content?
Since I suffer with pleasure, why should I complain,
Or grieve at my Fate, when I know 'tis in vain?
Yet so pleasing the Pain, so soft is the Dart,
That at once it both wounds me, and tickles my Heart.
I press her Hand gently, look Languishing down,
And by Passionate Silence I make my Love known.
But oh! I'm Blest when so kind she does prove,
By some willing mistake to discover her Love.
When in striving to hide, she reveals all her Flame,
And our Eyes tell each other, what neither dares Name.
 The Fairy Queen, Purcell (Act Three)

Bless Lucy Crowe and Ed Lyon for their uncommonly talent! Listen to this...

YT video from artemgoryachkingma


  1. You have just got to accept that any English singers daring to appear in NY will be shredded by the Parterre harpies. If only Dorothy Kirsten and Jan Peerce had sung these roles....

  2. lol re- Kirsten & Peerce!

    The singers & actors in this productions are out of this world! Who cares if they're Brits or Americans?! ;)

    I hope this production will be back on stage somewhere in Europe. I saw the premiere in Paris, wanted to see it again, and it was IMPOSSIBLE: even the top priced tickets were all gone.