Friday, March 26, 2010

4 minutes for Roxana sung by Olga Pasichnyk

Olga Pasichnyk will appear tonight at TCE in Gloria by Poulenc, which is a good reason to go and listen to this live.

She was singing Roxana last June at Opera Bastille, in a sensational Krzysztof Warlikowski's production of  "Krol Roger" by Szymanowski -- the show that I went to see 6 times [how crazy is that?!]

Take 4 minutes of your precious time to enjoy this brilliance...

One of my fave singers, Anne Scwhanewilms, is not nearly as good in  Roxana.  Here is what she did recently in Liceu: sounds too complicated,  too uncomfortable for her... She, on the other hand, must be [one of] the best Feldmarschallin[s] of all  times.

Those who saw Krol Roger in Paris, may be happy to see the final 7 minute mess (I've just dug out a clip from YT ;) )

Yes, it was heavily booed and the atmosphere in the auditorium after each show was electric, the public totally polarized. Compare that with the productions no one cares about...

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