Monday, March 1, 2010

Opéra National de Paris - Heads up

The 2011-2012 season at the Opéra National de Paris (ONP) will be officially announced on Sunday, March 13. Even though the ONP management tried to keep it a secret, little by little the details leaked out and by now we know the entire repertory, although many blanks in casting are still to be filled in.

2011-2012 at Opéra National de Paris

New (in blue) and "New" (in black) productions:

Faust [dir-Jean-Louis Martinoty, cnd-Alain Lombard, cast Roberto Alagna/Giuseppe Filianoti, Inva Mula, Paul Gay, Angélique Noldus, Alexandre Duhamel]

Manon [dir-Coline Serreau, dir-Evelino Pido, cast: Natalie Dessay, Rolando Villazon, Paul Gay, Franck Ferrari]

La Cerisaie - a new opera by Philippe Fenelon [dir-George Lavaudant]

La forza del destino [dir-Jean-Claude Auvray, cnd-??, cast: Marcelo Alvarez, Zoran Todorovich, Violeta Urmana]

Hippolyte et Aricie [dir-Ivan Alexandre, cnd-Emmanuelle Haïm, cast: Frédéric Antoun, Anne-Catherine Gillet, Stéphane Degout...] (production presented in 2009 in Toulouse)

Cav/Pag [dir-Giancarlo Del Monaco, cnd-Daniel Oren, cast: Violeta Urmana, Franck Ferrari, Florian Laconi...] presented in Madrid 5 years ago

2010-2011 at Opéra National de Paris

New productions in red

Sept-Oct 2010 Der Fliegende HollaenderDecker/Schneider
K.F. Vogt, A. Pieczonka,  M. Salminen, M.-A. Todorovich, J.Morris

Sept-Oct 2010 Eugene OneginDecker/Petrenko
O. Guryakova, L. Tézier, J. Kaiser, A. Kolosova, N. Denize...

Sept-Oct 2010 Italiana in Algeri, Serban/Benini
V. Genaux, M. Vinco, L Brownlee, A Corbelli

Oct 2010 Il TritticoRonconi/Jordan 
T. Iveri,  L. D'Intino, M. Berti, E. Siurina, A. Vernhes, C. Oncioiu

Oct-Nov 2010 and May-Jun 2011  Le Nozze di Figaro, Strehler/Jordan-Ettinger
L.Tézier/D.Jenis, B.Frittoli, E.Syurina, L.Pisaroni, K.Deshayes, ...
C. Maltman, D.Röschmann, J.Kleiter, E.Schrott, I.Leonard,...

Nov-Dec 2010  Mathis der Maler, Py/Eschenbach
M. Diener, S.Mac Allister,  S. Doneva, M. Goerne, W. Ablinger-Sperrhacke,  B. Fritz...

Dec 2010 The Bartered Bride, Deflo/Trinks
I. Mula, A. Conrad, J.P. Lafont, P. Beczala, H.Zednik. O. Bryak...

Dec 2010 Ariadne auf Naxos, Pelly/Jordan
R. Merbeth, D. Damrau, S. Koch, D. Roth, E. Tsallagova,  E. Crossley-Mercer, F. Piolino

Jan-Feb 2010  Giulio Cesare, Pelly/Haïm
N. Dessay/J. Archibald, L. Zazzo, C.Abrahamyan, I. Leonard, C.Dumaux

Jan-Feb 2011 Madame Butterfly, Wilson/Benini
M. Carosi, J. Valenti, E. Shkosa, A. Michaels-Moore

Jan-Feb 2011 Francesca da Rimini, del Monaco/Oren
R. Alagna, S. Vassileva, W. Smilek, G. Gagnidze, ...

Mar 2011 Siegfried, Krämer/Jordan
T. Kerl, K. Dalayman,  J. Uusitalo, P. Sidhom, S. Milling, E. Tsallagova, W. Ablinger-Sperrhacke

Mar-Apr 2011 Luisa Miller, Deflo/Oren
K. Stoyanova,  M. Alvarez, M.J. Montiel, A. Kotchinian

Mar-Apr 2011 Kat'a Kabanova, Marthaler/Netopil
A. Denoke, J. Henschel, J. Silvasti, V. Le Texier

Mar-Apr  2011 Anna Akhmatova, Joel/Rophé
world premiere - opera by Bruno Montovani

Apr-May  2011 Tosca Schroeter/Palumbo
M. Giordano, T.Iveri, F. Ferrari...

May-Jun 2011 Gotterdämmerung, Krämer/Jordan
T. Kerl, K. Dalayman, H-P. König, I. Paterson,  C. Libor, S. Koch...

Jun-Jul 2011 Otello, Serban/Armiliato
A. Antonenko, R. Fleming, S. Murzaev/L. Gallo...

Jun-Jul 2011 Cosi fan tutte Toffolutti/Jordan
 K.  Deshayes, A.C. Gillet, M. Polenzani, E. van den Heever, I. D'Arcangelo


  1. Wow! Francesca da Rimini! A splendid over the top piece of verismo, which I have long wanted to see. Opera Holland Park are doing it in London thsi summer but they do not have quite the same resources as the Bastille.There is a wonderful live recording with Del Monaco pere and Olivero.

    One or two other things will have me on Eurostar.

  2. Hey John ;)

    I don't know that opera AT ALL. My only worry is that I see the name of Del Monaco (son), a con artist who pretends to be an opera director who's supposed to produce this opera [I know I sound harsh but if you could see his Andrea Chenier I guess you would understood what I'm trying to say].

    Hopefully the Ring will be OK, The Dutchman. Kabanova should be good too. Maybe even Giulio Cesare.

  3. Une bonne partie devrait être des reprises, là où il te manque des noms : donc Tosca/Schroeter, Butterfly/Wilson, Luisa Miller/Deflo, Otello/Serban, Onéguine/Decker, Italiana/Serban...
    Bref, à part Butterfly et Onéguine (qui n'est plus très frais quand même!), que de la daube...

  4. Merci! La saison à Pleyel sera magnifique. L'Orchestre Royal de Concergebouw a signé le contrat avec Barbican et Pleyel - env. 2 concerts/an et ça pendant 4 ans.

    Je vais poster aujourd'hui qqs impressions sur le Ring. C'est très sage et les idées arrivent 10-15 ans trop tard pour qu'elles aient un rapport plus net avec la société actuelle. Cependant & par rapport à ce qu'on a vu cette saison c'est du grand art.

  5. Not that bad. Both Figaro casts are good, the Mathis and the Wagner. The Otello with Fleming and possibly the Ariadne, although some reservations about Merbeth.

  6. Francesca de Rimini and Giulio Cesare are very appealing...!!

  7. My money is on Edwin Crossley-Mercer for the role of Harlequin in "Ariadne auf Naxos". Anybody taking bets? We gotta get this guy on the boards so he can give a French-Irishman's performance that'll will please more than a few.

  8. Ha!
    I'm sure he'll be good. It's a good role to mark his debut at the Paris Opera, although I would've preferred if he was given a role in Cosi fan tutte. His Guglielmo was more than excellent a couple of years ago.

    Mei: Francesca da Rimini is maybe interesting but produced by Giancarlo Del Monaco... I could guarantee you a new snooze-fest ;) The Gotterdammerung should be good. Giulio Cesare, Ariadne auf Naxos..., we'll see!

    Marcillac: Why don't you like the idea of Merbeth as Ariadne? I think this suits her perfectly well.

  9. She seems to have a reputation as something of a Straussian but her Marschallin a couple of years ago in Vienna seemed to be missing.... lets just say ideal shimmer. (She was pretty flat dramatically as well but then again the whole performance was, for the venue, well bellow what one should expect to be routine - with the exception of Kirchschlager's exceptional Octavian). It was just that one time and her Donna Anna in Vienna a couple of year previously was perfectly fine. As such it it certainly not a reason not to go, particularly with Damrau's unbeatable Zerbinetta and what we have reason to think will be Koch's excellent Composer the show remains very appealing, especially in the performances conducted by Jordan. I am looking forward to the Walkure so I suppose we'll find out more about Merbeth then.

    Also about the Figaros. Ettinger was really kinda dull with it at the Met. The cast should be excellent but that might put a damper on the proceedings.

  10. I forgot to mention that "Cosi", the production by Kiarostami two years ago in Aix will be on at the Grand Théâtre du Luxembourg on the 5, 7 and 9th October 2010. There are some changes in the cast and my bet is that with "Edwin as Guglielmo" it will be a winner. anyhow, I'm going to be there, because this was in a sense where it all began.


  11. Thanks for that!
    I'm sure he'll be excellent as ever. Please do let us know if there will be any kind of radio broadcast. Cheers and have fun in Luxemburg :)

  12. Picked this up some time ago and apologise for being late in communicating the info; however, I'm sure you are aware already.

    Tuesday 19th October 2010
    Live Broadcast from the Théâtre des Champs-Elysées : André Campra, Le Carnaval de Venise (1699)
    Three-act Opera with libretto by Jean-François Regnard

    "Salomé Haller, Isabelle, Soprano
    Marina de Liso, Léonore, Soprano
    Andrew Foster-Williams, Rodolphe, Basse
    Edwin Crossley-Mercer, Léandre, Baryton
    Carolyn Sampson, Euridice, Soprano
    Anders J. Dahlin, Orfée, Ténor
    Isabelle Druet, Minerve la Fortune, Soprano
    Luigi De Donato, Le Carnaval / Pluton, Basse

    Les Chantres du Centre de Musique Baroque de Versailles
    Olivier Schneebeli, Direction
    Le Concert Spirituel
    Hervé Niquet, Direction

    Concert diffusé en simultané avec l’Union Européenne de Radios"

    Première of Cosi went well in Luxemburg last night. Looking forward to the 9th and Saturday night!

  13. I have just noticed that 4 of the Lieder from the Winterreise cycle recital given by Edwin Crossley-Mercer in Saint Petersburg during the last of the White Nights in July of this year have been posted on YouTube. Type in "Edwin Crossley-Mercer". I have no idea who took this initiative, but I for one welcome it.


  14. Thanks T! I'll make a separate post on those next week. Cheers

  15. My Mistake; the photographs are from a recital of French Songs he gave in Moscow. The recordings make me think of this year's recital in the Musée d'Orsay on May 11th.

  16. Can't remember whether I apologised or not, but the photographs on YouTube are from the Moscow recital on French Songs last year, whereas the recordings sound to me as if they were from the broadcast of the Musée d'Orsay's recital on Stéphane Goldet's programme on Musique Classique.

    Sorry about all that.

  17. I'll get it right yet!However, I don't want to hand out wrong information.

    The recordings of the Winterreise are from the Musée d'Orsay.

    The photos are from Saint Petersburg this July. Pffew!

  18. Can anyone tell me what the dress code is for the Paris Opera? Are we talking smart casual or full blown evening dress?

  19. Evening dress is on the way out, if not out completely. Ladies can put on a jean and a black feminine tuxedo, and not stand out, but on the contrary attract attention.
    I have see gentlemen show up in the most disgraceful outfits, but perhaps it's chic to look like a tramp. Out of respect for the performers, I just put on a shirt and tie and shine my shoes. The number of shoes which look as if they have just been dragged out of a swamp is amazing.
    Last night there were a few boos for the tenor playing Bacchus. Ms Koch knew her role back to front, and the Canadian lady "looked" better than Ms Dessay, who is a excellent performer in this role. Otherwise, the audience was enthusiastic and gave this reprise an excellent reception. ECM did a fine job and filled that hall, singing his heart out. Boy that fella's got it to go places!

  20. And for once I was right along with your own forecasts from the description I have just read written by Jean-Charles Hoffelé. I am speechless and more than pleased.

  21. Many thanks T for your notes. I missed the final dress rehearsal and then had to go to Germany. I will see the show this Friday (Dec 17th) hopefully and will definitely blog about it. VERY HAPPY the reviewers are so positive about ECM. It takes a bit longer for him to break through but I believe the real quality --which he truly is!-- in the end wins all.

    I was also told Jane Archibald was fantastic as Zerbinetta.


  22. Eurostar will not be getting any bookings from me next season if this is typical .
    Let's hope the Salle Favart, Chatelet and Champs Elysee have something more interesting.
    Is this economy or Joel's conservative artistic vision?

  23. Hi John! Don't get me started... It is probably a combination of both, but the choice made to please only one fringe of operagoers is telling the volumes.

    I think you might be interested in Tannhäuser with Nina Stemme as Elisabeth, in October 2011. It will be a revival of the Robert Carsen's production that I thought was very interesting. If you didn't see it in Dec-2007/Jan-2008, I think it could be worth a trip. Other than that...

  24. Tannhauser is one for my diary.Thanks.

    At least we have Siegfried and Le Crepuscule to come, and Tristan in Lyon.

    I look foward to your review of the Flemish Herodiade, more worthwhile doing than yet another Manon. I've booked for their Frosch in Antwerp.

  25. Just read the on-line programme for 2011-12 today. My commiserations .

    Really Tannhauser is the only one to see, and perhaps Arabella as I just love that piece.

  26. It is a scary sh*t :(

    But hey, there're other things in life :)