Thursday, March 18, 2010

TONIGHT @ 8pm (Paris time): Platée - live webcast

Don't forget: the new production of  Platée an opera by J.-P. Rameau, directed by Mariame Clément, will be broadcast  TODAY via Arte LIVE WEB

To easily follow the show read the synopsis here.

@ Palais Garnier


  1. Yay...!! Thank you for the remainder... :D

  2. I'm waiting to see it too. Critique is full of praise for the show. So let's hope for the best...

  3. Wow. Those are quite the perky bewbs on Platée. Touch of jealousy, here.

    Loving the terrarium, btw.

  4. LOL - I just KNEW someone would pick on that "detail" :)

    I couldn't see all of it. It was one of those impossible evenings when everyone had to call, with something "urgent" to tell me work-wise, + a neighbor with a problem...

    Of what I could see I liked the show but will definitely try and see it in better conditions when it becomes available on Arte Live Web.