Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Way to go Sebastian Baumgarten!

Unfortunately I couldn't have a ticket for the new Tannhäuser in Bayreuth but I am so glad to read that Baumgarten made it different and truly special.

The army of traditionalists --who else, beside the lazy critics, could get a ticket for the premiere in Bayreuth?!-- was heavily disturbed not to see recounted the story they already knew.
His staging was obviously innovative in form and in content -- a part of public was placed on the stage and even participated in certain sequences of the show [c.f. this link].

Proof that his experiment worked well are the reactions of the critics who we expected to be incapable  to distinguish art from pedantry. Blessed be Sebastian Baumgarten!

Below you may see a video with several excerpts from the show (©nordbayerischer-kurier)


  1. I'll be seeing it on Monday and will report back...

  2. I'm green jealous! ;)

    Seriously, happy for you and looking forward to reading your review.