Friday, July 15, 2011

Two likely good shows live for free: Arte Live Web love you too

TWO opera shows will be live broadcast simultaneously on Arte Live Web this Saturday, July 16 2011 starting from 21:30 (cet)

  1. La Traviata from the Festival in Aix-en-Provence, with Natalie Dessay, Charles Castronovo and Ludovic Tézier (among others). This new production is directed by a talented French theater director Jean-François Sivadier --someone capable of bringing a deeper content of the piece, with a peculiar style-- and with Louis Langrée conducting the London Symphonic Orchestra.
  2. Cosí fan tutte live from Opéra National de Lyon (one of the artistically exciting opera houses in France) will be streamed for public viewing on big screens in several towns around Lyon and in front of the city hall in Lyon. This year they decided to share that pleasure with all of us giving one stream pipe to Arte Live Web too. Directed by Adrian Noble, and with Stefano Montanari conducting (very good in Mozart rep!), this should be a good show also thanks to a very good cast: Maria Bengtsson, Tove Dahlberg, Daniel Behle, Vito Priante, Elena Galitskaya, Lionel Lhote
Both video links are embedded below.
There is no geographical restriction, i.e. both webcasts will be freely accessible to everyone.

Also note that after the live broadcast, both videos will remain available for free viewing 105 and 185 days respectively.  

Thanks Aix, Thanks ONL, and Thanks Arte!




  1. Do you know if either of these will be broadcast over the radio? Living in San Francisco, I don't think I have access to Arte TV, but I would be able to listen to any radio broadcasts. Thank you!

  2. Dear Opera-Cake,

    According to the Festival Aix Web site, it appears that the "Traviata" was broadcast on Radio Classique on July 9. :-( That was the one that most interested me.

    I don't see a radio broadcast listed for "Cosi," but surely it's in the works... Right?

  3. Thanks for the reminder OC, love your site

  4. Hi guys! Glad to share ;)

    Cruz, this evening at 9:30 pm (my time), or half past noon (your time), you can watch either of the two operas on the screens posted above, labelled 1. and 2. respectively.

    Then on Monday they will be available for free viewing for ANYONE in ANY part of the world. It's not Arte TV, but Arte Live Web ;)

    If you still prefer the radio broadcast I'll check it out and will let you know. OK?

    LOVED Idomeneo @ Komische Oper.
    Benedikt von Peter is more complicated to decipher than anyone else in business. You constantly feel like you missed a thread and that's fine because later you catch another one and it all starts to click better... In that sense it's very interactive.


  5. Thanks, O-C, I'll try to catch the Traviata when it's available for later streaming. I was unable to watch it live due to work Internet rules.

  6. Opera webcast... Gotta love it when Opera jives with the way the modern music lover finds music.

  7. Thanks! Saw the Traviata. Fascinating version.

    It's so civilized to have this available via streaming to anywhere.


  8. I LOVED the COSI - hopefully can see the Traviata tonight! THANK YOU OC!