Friday, July 8, 2011

Fidelio from Munich LIVE tonight!

Tonight at 8 pm (cet) the Bayerische Staatsoper in Munich will live stream the Calixto Bieito's Fidelio.

Anja Kampe as Leonore/Fidelio

I was lucky to see this production when it was premiered and I LOVED it (c.f. here). Its profound impact  stays with and within you for days after the show.

Of course it is much better to see it in the theater, but the web-stream is a good approximation too, so do try and see it tonight.
A superb cast includes Jonas Kaufmann, Anja Kampe, Franz-Josef Selig, Wolfgang Koch, Steven Humes, Laura Tatulescu, Jussi Myllys.

Link to the live stream is here.

Aaah this is so NOT how I wanted it to be filmed. The should have asked Mezzo-TV folks how to film it and ALSO how to sound-record properly... :(

Too many close shots that spoil the maze atmosphere, undertone the overwhelming feeling that they're all lost in a huge labyrinth, insecure, with their desires suppressed and misguided, and eventually passive. Only Leonore has the courage and determination to do something and change the depressive and oppressive reality. Her cry will wake up the people, bring a new hope, make them feel that they're not alone...

Well, at least we could see the most remarkably acted Jaquino whose excellence is less noticed when you see the show in the BSO auditorium.

OK,  let's hope Act-2 will be filmed better.

What a GREAT scene was that opening of the second act!? I speaks volumes about the men of our time...

Act 2 was much better filmed but not very good anyway...

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