Friday, July 15, 2011

Vlaamse Samson et Dalila again: Ce DVD est vraiment fantastique!

Unfortunately I couldn't come to Berlin yesterday to catch on the acclaimed production of Rusalka by Barrie Kosky at the Komische Oper, where the annual Komische-Oper Festival is underway. Hopefully I'll get to see that Rusalka sometimes in 2011-2012. I'm still happy to be here and be able to see the remaining three operas of the festival (if only it wasn't this cold!)

I'm still (and even more) hooked up on Samson et Dalila that I blogged about the other day. It completely changed the way I used to see (and listen to) this opera. Now I'm discovering bits and pieces that I didn't even notice before. This opera is in fact beautiful, and this production is GREAT!

This is a scene in which the High Priest comes to visit Delilah before Samson appears, to convince her to work together and trap Samson. To his surprise Delilah was even more hungry for revenge than him, and their instant complicity transforms into sexually charged moment...
In this production there is no ambiguity about Delilah's feelings for Samson: she's not in love with him at all.

Seriously, this is a must have DVD! 

Here is the first aria by The High Priest, who in this production is a politician/populist...

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