Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Mignon par Ambroise Thomas revient à l'Opéra Comique

I know next-to-nothing about Mignon, an opera by Ambroise Thomas that used to be a huge success at Opéra Comique around 1870, where it was performed more than 1000 times including that infamous night of May 25 1887, when a fire destroyed the theater and 84 people died by asphyxiation.

Even though Mignon sounds ominously sweet, I'll of course go and see the premiere next Saturday at Opéra Comique.

Marie Lenormand, Ismael Jordi,  Nicolas Cavallier will hopefully be good, and after having heard so many good things about Malia Bendi-Merad, I hope I too will be convinced in a live performance.

There are many (relatively) famous 'doux' arias from this opera, such as:

Oh yes, I almost forgot to throw one huge BOO! at the PR staff of the Opéra Comique:
Seriously, could they possibly make a lousier,  less inspiring, less appealing... trailer than this one?!

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