Sunday, February 7, 2010

Sunday in Brussels...

Sunday in Brussels was not ONLY about Elektra. In pictures...

Everybody visits La Grand-Place, but seriously - when you're there you  need to check out the Godiva chocolate shop: they make all those sweet devils in front of you. [ Let me see you resist that temptation! ]
OK, you buy a few boxes of their divine chocolate, then you must go to  Café Terrace (w/o leaving La Grand-Place!), to order and taste Strawberry-Banana Gaufre (they add chocolate and ice-cream anyway), plus a cappuccino and you'll cry about your diet on Monday :)

Grand Horloge is kinda hidden but it's worth watching it when the bells start ringing (every 30 mins, that is).


The Royal Museum of Fine Arts in Brussels is AWESOME and it's worth at least 5 visits. Bruegel rocks! It's Opera related : Ligeti had this painting in mind while composing Le Grand Macabre ;) 

SUPERB collection of Magritte's paintings and drawings in the newly opened museum. The staff are very strict in applying "NO photographing" rule. The down side is that it is badly organized and everything is made to rip you off - but now you know sooo...

Next to La Monnaie is this nice Cafe-Restaurant: a tad more expensive than elsewhere but it's a good place to eat (do not think about eating in La Monnaie cafeteria!) 


Interior of La Monnaie/De Munt is pretty. The ceiling right after the entrance is my favorite spot there.

The window of one fancy shop on the way to the Magritte Museum. Yes yes, it applies to you too! :-)

Inside the shop it's hilarious (no-photo!): there was that pop-art painting on which it was written: "Chiez bio. Soulagez votre conscience!" - which made me laugh for an hour.

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