Friday, February 12, 2010

Andrea Chenier to hit Madrid too [we commiserate]

I just realized that Teatro Real will premiere this Saturday the history biggest dust-in-the-eyes-production of Andrea Chenier, a.k.a. poo-poor taste verismo. The only interesting detail about this production is that it counts ~180 wigs  and ~300 very kitchy costumes,  the purpose of which is completely unrelated to any of the clumsily staged dramatic action.


The same show was killing the Paris Opera in December 2009, and received the famously accurate review in FT which explicitly mentions the director's staggering incompetence and bad taste.
Especially the finale leaves you speechless!

"Amusing" to read is an interview with  Marcelo Álvarez who --like in Paris-- will sing the title role. He says he won't be singing in Madrid as long as Gérard Mortier is in charge of Teatro Real --GM will in fact be fully in charge there starting from October 2010. Concerning Marcelone, good old juicy Good riddance! is in order ;)

Ed: I wrote the above this morning in the train to Amsterdam and then I read this article pointed out by Parsifal's which is even more "amusing", and which propels Marcelone to our Top-A-hole list. Congrats!
Other than that, notice that in April there will be an interesting Robert Carsen's production of Salome in Madrid - with Nina Stemme et al.

I'm off to DNO and The Flying Dutchman. Cheers!  :)

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