Friday, February 12, 2010

No, it's not about the premiere of Don Carlo - it's about Teodor Currentzis

Last night in Paris was premiered the revival of the Graham Vick's production of Don Carlo. I didn't go but I of course will. I liked this show very much in 2008 when a highly polarizing figure was the young conductor - Teodor Currentzis. Many people disliked him instantly because of his peculiar style, but we were as many who immediately recognized his passion, and saw a wonderful musician behind his peculiar style.

I already mentioned him in the post about the first ever production of Wozzeck in Moscow.

Yes, you guessed it right: he is Greek living in Russia. Other details: he's 37; he is very much appreciated in Russia; he was Temirkanov's assistant who now calls him a genius...

His recent appearances in Paris were at the Paris Opera (ONP) for Verdi's Macbeth in 2009 and for Don Carlo in 2008. Each time his conducting was passionate, and his clear and original ideas how to play Verdi  finally won him respect of the ONP-Orchestra. His Macbeth in Paris was a musical highlight at ONP in 2009.

I came across his take on the overture of Don Giovanni and thought it was worth posting it here. Please notice his 'orthogonal' attacks: it's like pecking the tones which I find fun and very refreshing. :) If you're used to Harnoncourt you'll hate it, but then try and listen to this twice and... ummm... maybe... well... maybe you'll start to like it ;)

To see him conducting Verdi, c.f. this video from his channel on YT:

And 1 quick hello from Amsterdam ;)

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