Friday, February 12, 2010

Kusej kills the Dutchman in Amsterdam. And Senta too!

What a show! What a sensational show!

You may wish to see the pics from the DNO web site, but you need the underlying story too -- which I'll try and bring to you tomorrow evening (hopefully).

Kusej definitely delivers his best when premiering his productions in Amsterdam. It's clever, it's positively "ambiguous", and although the finale is rather depressing this is just good theater (opera or not!) He modified the [poor] ending of the libretto and his Erik kills both Senta and the Hollander. ;)

The chorus was very good and  Maestro Haenchen confirms once again that he's got Wagner's music in his fingers. Juha Uusitalo and Catherine Naglestad were mind-blowing as Hollander and Senta. Towards the end you could feel your jaw dropping as the intensity of their singing was  progressing (!!!) After 2 hours of unbelievably strong singing, they had enough gas to add extra power to their extraordinary performance... Standing Ovations totally deserved!

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