Tuesday, February 9, 2010

No broadcast of Giulio Cesare from Pleyel... New CD(s)

I am not a Cecilia Bartoli fan. Too much humming and winking is not my thing. Plus that morbid CD in which she included a detailed (>100 pg) notice about the tools which had been used to castrate young boys (I wonder who reads that in her/his spare time...) No thanks!

In any case  she will be the biggest star in the tonight's concert version of Giulio Cesare at Pleyel. This is the first of 3 concerts with a very starry cast: Bartoli, Scholl, Stutzmann, Jaroussky, Dumaux + Les Arts Florissants. Yours Truly called Pleyel to double check whether or not they planned any form of broadcasting (radio, video...) of any of the 3 concerts -- and the answer is NO! Instead, the concert will be recorded and released on CD, later this year.

The other CD you might be interested in is released by the Théâtre des Champs-Elysées (TCE). Last May the Orchestre National de France, conducted by Seiji Ozawa,  accompanied Renée Fleming in the first ever performance of "Le Temps l'Horloge", songs composed by Henri Dutilleux (exclusively for la Renae).  Notice that this CD can be ordered ONLY from TCE (click on "Nouveau CD") - which is why I'm posting about it here.


  1. Thank you a lot for your precious information - we ´ll have the CD - recording of "Giulio Cesare" "later this year"....May I introduce myself - I´m not a Bartoli fan, but a truly faithfully admirer of Mr. Philippe Jaroussky. So , you can understand my happiness because of the great news about this CD-recording ( for all of us, who sit now at home and imagine , HOW dear PhJ is singing "L'angue offeso" at the moment...)))

  2. Just saw a friend who was at the concert last night and she said it was a bit too long but otherwise wonderful (it ended after midnight and you normally work on Wednesday!)
    Only one intermission after 150min of music.

    Jaroussky was apparently magnificent ;)

  3. You lucky guys!!!! :-)
    I ´m so glad to recieve such a great news "en direct" !
    Yessss, he IS always magnificient, but especially in his dream - role of Sesto! His tasteful understanding and deeply honest emotions are very rare for our time.

    I thank you very much for your answer.
    Your truly servant.

  4. Tu sèches ce Jules (moi aussi, ce la dit!).

    Pour l'oeuvre de Dutilleux, non seulement je ne suis pas un grand fan de Dutilleux (Boulez forever!), mais en plus la pauvre Renée là-dedans fait une bouillie incroyable, c'est encore pire que d'habitude.

  5. Not to rain on your parade, but according to La Cieca, there won't be a recording either.

    Yeah, I'm as bummed as you are - mainly for missing out on PJ's Sesto.