Thursday, May 6, 2010


  1. You can now listen to "L'amour coupable", which is the third of the trilogy of Beaumarchais' plays to have its operatic equivalent [after Il Barbiere di Siviglia, and Le Nozze di Figaro]. I saw the show in Rouen 10 days ago [see this entry] and liked the opera. The France Musique radio was kind to let the broader audience listen to this new opera composed by Thierry Pécou. Check out this link. If you want to skip introduction go to minute 7:00, which is when the opera begins. Note that the opera is 90 min long and is very eclectic in style.
  2. SEE a surprisingly good content of the 2010-2011 opera season in Lille, in Monte Carlo, and in Nancy. 
  3. Also updated are the 2010-2011 opera-programs in Stockholm, and in Freiburg.
  4. Below you will find 5 videos of Guy Cassiers and his team discussing the new production of Rheingold which they prepared for La Scala of Milan and the Deutsche Staatsoper Berlin. The premiere will take place sometimes after next Thursday [after May 13] in Milan. There are lots of shots taken during the rehearsals, where you can listen to René Pape and friends.
    Apparently Cassiers wants this Gesamstkunswork to have lots of video-imagery and a lot more ballet. At one point he even associates a dancer to each singer and they all perform simultaneously.

NB Only the first video is in Dutch. The others four are in English! Each video is 3 min long.

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  1. Cloud in TrousersMay 6, 2010 at 9:46 PM

    Thanks so much for that: have a few reservations, but overall am really looking forward to the broadcast, not least for Herr Pape...
    Have you seen the trailer for the Le Page production at the Met?
    There is something overwhelming about the movement of that set with the Valkyries motif!