Sunday, May 2, 2010

Operalia WINNERS


1st prize: Sonya Yoncheva and Stefan Pop

2nd prize: Rosa Feola and Ievgen Orlov & Giordano Lucà

3rd prize: Dinara Alieva and Chae Jun Lim

Birgit Nilsson Prize: Ryan McKinny

Two Audience Prizes: Stefan Pop and Rosa Feola

Zarzuela Prizes: Rosa Feola and Nathaniel Peake


The recording of the entire evening is available here . Enjoy! ;) 


  1. Thanks for posting!

  2. It's all about singing the operatic tunes. Luca Giordano is a huge talent but on the given night he was a notch less good than the rest of the competition. But he sang - Che gelida manina.

    Margarita Gritskova and Sarah-Jane Brandon not getting anything is kinda unfair [ or I'm being a sore loser :) ]

    I'm sure we'll see all of them at the top Opera Houses in Europe in the years to come.

    Very pleasant evening anyway. Cheers

  3. Thanks for posting. It was great to watch the finals online. We in San Francisco are so proud of Nathaniel Peake, a Merola Opera Program 2009 participant.


    Suzanne in San Francisco

  4. Excuse me...Margarita Gritschkova sang like an elefant!!!Very bad!!!

  5. I was also kind of dissapointed that Margarita Gritschkova (and Andrei Bondarenko) didn't get any award