Sunday, May 30, 2010

Preparing for the premiere of Otello @ DOB

After a couple of really hellish weeks, I can find an hour or two a day to keep this blog rolling.

Before the long awaited Walkure in Paris -- which will be premiered tomorrow, May 31 2010-- I decided to spend a weekend in Berlin and to see the new gem prepared by Andreas Kriegenburgen. It's a new production of Otello for the Deutsche Oper Berlin, with sensational cast members including  Anja Harteros, José Cura, Željko Lučić. La prima is tonight and the daily newspapers are filled with infos about this event. Here is a pic from the Berliner Morgenpost of an interview with Kriegenburgen [whose Wozzeck in Munich I totally loved].

Another interesting news is...

that Anna Netrebko recorded a pop-song with a russian star, Filipp Kirkorow, and will shoot a video clip in June, in St.Petersburg. For the moment it is supposed to remain only one experience -- a single recording, no album planned... as her dream remains to sing Elsa in Lohengrin -- says this short note in Berliner Morgenpost.


  1. Cura and Lucic you find sensational cast?

  2. Lucic certainly and Cura on a good day is definitely sensational. It was a great show. I'll post an entry about it today.