Saturday, May 8, 2010

New donna del lago in Geneva

While waiting for La Donna del Lago with Juan Diego Florez and Joyce DiDonato in Paris in June, we're keeping our eyes and ears opened to what's happening in Geneva where Joyce sings her first Elena, in the new production by Christof Loy.

Gregory Kunde and Joyce DiDonato in the new production of La Donna del Lago in Geneva [photo lifted from the GTG website]

Below you will find the video of an interview with Joyce on Swiss television, which also contains a couple of excerpts from this new production (it's in French BUT with English subtitles  - enjoy!)

Update: Always reliable Mei was actually in Geneva and saw the show last night. Read her short and enthusiastic review!

Joyce la Diva Yankee herself brings a few keys for an easier reading of the Christof Loy's -- "Breaking the waves" inspired-- production. Enjoy!

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