Monday, July 19, 2010

When in Munich... Pinakothek der Moderne is Cool

Munich is very pleasant although not particularly beautiful a city. There are however three excellent museums/galleries that you MUST visit when in town.

If you're a Rubens fan you'll love Alte Pinakothek. Their whole collection is magnificent but their  selection of Rubens' paintings is extraordinary. In comparison, their Neue Pinakothek is much less impressive: you may consider zapping the monotony of first 15 chambers/halls and see the last 3 -- impressionists that will act on your mood like yawn dispersers.

The best of Munich is stored in Pinakothek der Moderne: fantastically organized museum, truly awesome collection of paintings [and some sculptures] covering full spectrum of styles of the 20th century. Add too that  a superbly arranged decorative design section, cleverly intertwined with contemporary art collection... and you get an idea of how good it all is.

Below I attach ~10% of the pics I took in the upper part of this most delightful building to visit when in Munich... [by clicking on each pic you'll see it larger/better]

Ernst Ludwig Kirschner: Bildnis Dodo (1909)

Alexej von Jawlensky: Laenglischer Kopf (1913)

Oskar Kokoschka: Child with flowers and a cat (1913)

Pablo Picasso: Maternité (1921)

Pablo Picasso: Painter and his model (1963)

Paul Klee: The Full Moon (1919)

Wassily Kandinsky: Dreamy Improvisations (1913)

Georges Braque: Woman with Mandoline (1910)

Fernand Léger: Paysage No.2 (1913)

René Magritte: The Third Dimension (1942)

René Magritte: Keys of a Dream (1930)


Joan Miro: Composition (1925)

Giorgio de Chirico: Le muse inquietanti (1917)

Salvador Dali: Apotheosis of Homer (1944-1945)

Max Ernst: Birdmen (1919-1920)

Francis Bacon: Crucifixion (1965)

Jasper Johns: Arrive/Depart (1963-1964)

Georg Baselitz: Bedroom (2005)

Norbert Tadeusz: o.T. (1976)


  1. Don't know much about art, but I know what I like. This might be a wild association, but "Le muse inquietanti" seems to have Henry Moore-looking heads in it. Also, what's with that downcast Christ-like figure? The sitting figure is holding a huge toilet? :))

    I always associate museums with summer vacation--Ah, happy feeling~~


  2. Ah de Chirico! That's the first glimpse of surrealism that will flood the world of artists in the years to come...

    One exhibit a month is my rule! That definitely improves quality of life ;)

  3. Does anyone know where I could find a print of Norbert Tadeusz: o.T. (1976)? I have been looking for over a year!!! Please help!