Monday, July 12, 2010

Aix 2010 : Un Retour - El Regreso by Oscar Strasnoy

I know, I know -- who the heck is Oscar Strasnoy? 40 years old Argentine-French composer/conductor who lives both in Lyon and in Berlin; he's got excellent references, and out of three operas he composed and presented in big theaters so far, two were released this year.

Here we're talking about his third opera, premiered last week at the festival in Aix-en-Provence, and that we'll be able to see this evening, July 12 at 21:00 (Paris time), thanks to the coolest of all TV's, Arte, i.e. via its ArteLiveWeb portal.

 A pic from Un Retour - El Regreso © Elisabeth Carecchio

The opera is called Un Retour - El Regreso, based on the novel El regreso by Alberto Manguel, an Argentine-Canadian writer, who also adapted his work to shape it into libretto for this opera. Whatever indicator it may be for you, the French press was seduced by this 1 hour long chamber opera. A brief outline of the libretto can be found here.

If you like contemporary operas and if the excerpts from his previous works tickle your curiosity (c.f. here and here), then either go to ArteLiveWeb or see Un Retour - El Regreso here (embedded after the jump.)


  1. Ce fut une soirée incroyable. L'opéra de chambre a été profondément émotive pour ceux assez vieux pour avoir des souvenirs. Merci pour ce souvenir très fort et beau.

  2. Oops I find it very different. The problem is what type of souvenir to bring home.