Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Just saying...

On-line ticket sale for new Carmen directed by Calixto Bieito at GTL-Barcelona started yesterday (c.f. here).

In spite of all the media hype related to the Ring at the Met, La Scala/DSO - Berlin or even the one at the Paris Opera, I believe the major Wagnerian event next season is likely to be Tristan und Isolde with Gary Lehman and Ann Petersen, directed by Jossi Wieler and conducted by Kirill Petrenko. Tickets can be purchased on-line from the Lyon Opera website.

Tickets for the new show produced by Stefan Herheim, Lulu, are already available via DNO-Oslo or DKT-Copenhagen websites [latter website is a mess for non-Danish speaking opera cookies ;)]

To get your tics for the next Warlikowski event, The Rake's Progress, check out the DSO-Berlin website. N.B Ingo Metzmacher will be conducting the Staatskapelle

If you plan to go to Stuttgart to see Bieito's excellent Parsifal (with Honeck as brilliant!) or Herheim's enchanting Rosenkavalier, and be sure to have your tickets, book now!


  1. I have booked my ticket for the Barcelona Arianne et Barbe-Blue with Westbroek already.

    I am tempted by the Lyons Tristan but Lehman is singing the role in September in London in the Peter Sellars semi-staged version at the RFH.

  2. Hey John! Arianne , of course I'll go too, but since it's far ahead, in June/July 2011, I hope the tickets will still be available in September this year. Otherwise, with the Summer festivals and all, I should consider filing for bankruptcy ;P

    Tristan in Lyon is far ahead too but their auditorium is smaller than the one in Barcelona, Tristan is a crowd-attractor more than Arianne, and the seats are much cheaper than in Barcelona, so...

    Tristan in London will be the same one that's been running in Paris for past 4-5 years with more video art by Bill Viola than actual staging by Peter Sellars. It's a special experience and I hope you'll like it (I did like it a lot).

    Tristan in Lyon is a different "beast": a whole new production directed by a fantastic director, and with a super-talented 37 yo conductor in his first Tristan (btw he'll conduct the new Ring in Bayreuth starting from 2013), plus Lehman & Petersen... it's gotta be special! ;)

  3. Lyons is famous for its cuisine too. €95 top price compared with the ROH £220.

    I am having to restrict my trips to rarities and/or Wagner(+ anything with Jonas K)so my list will include Les Huguenots in Brussels and how about a French language Salomé with June Anderson in Liege over one weekend.

    I haven't see a Herheim production yet and by the time I wait ten years for my next Bayreuth ticksts that production of his will be history. Why can't thye make a film of it instead of that ridiculous Tristan.

  4. Yes, Lyon is worth a trip also for its excellent restaurants that are about 30% cheaper than their parisian counterparts (talking about the real good restaurants!)

    I too will go to see Les Huguenots. It's shame that the big French theaters can't produce a good French opera. It's like a bad spell. Thanks to de Caluwe and friends Brussels will hopefully patch the things up next year...

    There is apparently bad blood between Stefan Herheim and Katharina Wagner and while there was a plan to record his Parsifal and make DVD, apparently the negotiations related with royalties got mixed up with a spat about who will produce the bicentennial Ring in 2013, and in the end it seems clear that this Parsifal will never see its DVD release. Well, unless they discuss the thing again this year and reconsider their resp positions ;)

  5. i'm planning to go to see Les Huguenots in Olivier Py new production at La Monnaie and Stefan Herheim new production of Yevgeny Oneguin in Amsterdam in the same trip.If you are interested in Calixto Bieito's new Carmen you would like to know that it will be seen in the cinemas over the world on the 13 of October.

  6. Thanks Dandini!
    Re Carmen I'm more interested in second cast which imo is MUCH better (except maybe for Don Jose). The only potential problem I can imagine right now might be Brandon's French.

    There will be RIOTS to score the tickets for Les Huguenots. Watch out not to miss the opening date of the ticket sales May 7. ;)