Friday, July 23, 2010

Warlikowski moment from La Monnaie

I already mentioned the Krzysztof Warlikowski's production of Macbeth as the best show I've seen this year.
(a) Because it was the best any theater can offer you today (opera or non-opera).
(b) Because the orchestra was perfect and Paul Daniel was extrafreakingordinary.
(c) Because of the dream-cast in which, thanks to Warlikowski, each and every member surpassed him/herself and delivered more than just his/her best singing. Especially Scott Hendricks' singing and acting skills were out of this world!
The show took place at La Monnaie in Brussels, the impeccable acoustics of which made the whole experience unforgettable. I discussed it already here and here...

A reader (many thanks to AN!) pointed out to me that two videos from this production appeared on YT. First video is in fact a photo-gallery that will please all of you who saw the show, because it brings back a glimpse of that rare moment in opera in which everything seems to be so perfect, so deeply human(izing)... Enjoy!

Second video is Come dal ciel precipita, superbly sung by Carlo Colombara. Andrew Richards is the author of this video (which explains the angle of shooting ;) ). Too bad there is no video of his [Richards'] aria O figli miei. 

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