Thursday, March 11, 2010

Platée arrive chez vous (2)

The previous entry will hopefully motivate you to see the new production of Platée, directed by Mariame Clément,  which will be premiered tomorrow at the Strasbourg Opera (Opera National du Rhin). A lineup of very good singers and the orchestra Les Talens Lyriques will be conducted by Christophe Rousset.

 Shrek-y pic from the Mariame Clément's production of Platée  

MORE IMPORTANTLY,  next  Thursday - March 18 at 8 pm (cet), the world's best TV will broadcast it live. To see it simply visit Arte LIVE WEB and enjoy. 

2-3 days after the live webcast the video will be available for 60 days. It's good, it's free, we like it!

 For more pics from this production see here.

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