Monday, March 1, 2010

Cos'è la bellezza? This is...

Oberon and Titania [Finbar Lynch & Sally Dexter] in the Jonatahan Kent's production of The Fairy Queen at the Opéra Comique in Paris, January 2010
See, even Night her self is here,
To favour your Design;
And all her Peaceful Train is near,
That Men to Sleep incline.
Let Noise and Care,
Doubt and Despair,
Envy and Spight,
(The Fiends delight)
Be ever Banish'd hence,
Let soft Repose,
Her Eye-lids close;
And murmuring Streams,
Bring pleasing Dreams;
Let nothing stay to give offence.
Night in The Fairy Queen, Purcell (Act Two)

After Night comes Mystery, Secrecie and -of course- Sleep :)

This is how Jonathan Kent gives these arias a life...

DVR ALERT: If you can see France2 TV directly or via Internet, they will broadcast this monumental The Fairy Queen TONIGHT (night between Monday March 1, and Tuesday - March 2), starting from 0:45 am (CET).

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