Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Important new productions in Europe we didn't see

 I was pointing out the important new productions in Europe and said I'd keep an eye on them even if I was unable to go and see them Live - in the flesh. In this entry I catch up with those I didn't mention in my previous post.


The latest opera by Peter Eötvös was premiered on Feb 22 in Munich. Die Tragödie des Teufel was directed by Balasz Kovalik and conducted by the composer himself. This 110 min long opera is based on the metaphysical /apocalyptic?/ comedy in which the mankind has become so evil that the devil became irrelevant - thus the title. The reviews are quite enthusiastic and talk about the sci-fi production concept, which is a good match to the inventive and inspiring musics. See photo-galery and the promotional video.
Update: Very reliable blogger Musica sola saw this show in Munich and reports that the stage solutions by Mr.Kovalik were quite poor, driving an already uninspiring libretto to a thick cloud of boredom... luckily rescued by some wonderful musics from Peter Eötvös. 
In case you wondered, Topi Lehtipuu was great as ever.

In "this" previous post I mentionned the new Richard Jones' production of The Gambler at the ROH. My initial plan was to go to London and see la prima, but when I realized that it was an adaptation of the Dostoyevsky's text to be sung in English I decided I preferred to go and see the Fliegende Hollaender in Amsterdam. I don't regret it, but it would've been kinda cool if I saw this one too ;) The production looks very interesting, c.f. excellent reviews by Boulezian and Intermezzo with many-many photos --Thanks! 

As for  Idomeneo in Zurich, it was apparently very well sung and N. Hornancourt's conducting was praised by every review I read. Julia Kleiter was particularly good Ilia. Scenically the conductor's son produced a slowish show, "spoiled" by too much ballet... See the report by always reliable WdOand watch the promotional video on the Opernhaus' website.

Davide Livermore's production of Idomeneo in Bologna receives a good review in Giornale della Musica, where the good performance by Francesco Meli is highlighted. This is a coproduction with the Teatro Regio in Torino who posted a photo galery on their site.

In Valencia, Francisco Negrin produced Una cosa rara, an opera by Vicente Martín i Soler. It is pity that PR in Valencia is so bad. We would so love to know more about the production...
From  generally positive reviews in the Spanish press we learn that Negrin modernized Da Ponte's text inspiring his production by The Truman Show. ["reality show"-inspired productions seem to be en vogue these days]

I unfortunately missed the premiere of the new production of  Don Pasquale at the Komische Oper in Berlin, but hopefully I'll catch it during their Festtage in June. Jetske Mijnssen (one of the best talents among the young directors, according to Andreas Homoki) managed to blur the relations among the protagonists making the show ambiguous which disturbed many of those who hoped to see the usual Don Pasquale soup. Heh! Bless the Berlin's Komische Oper :) [c.f. promo video ]


    A y est, j'ai fait ma critique, celle de la Tragédie du diable arrive...

  2. I wouldn't miss any Bieito's production. It's just that I pick the ones which are premiered in February. That Jenacek by Bieito was premiered in November. We'll have Parsifal next month :)

  3. Hey Max! Sorry I screwed up your post. It was with spam stuff and I deleted it. Sorry ;(

    Max said he LOVED Richard Jones' production of The Gambler and thinks it's the best he's seen this season (together with Tristan and Lulu @ ROH)

    Off I go! La prima of The Rhinegold.... Weia! Waga! Woge, du Welle, walle zur Wieige! Wagalaweiaaa! :)