Thursday, March 4, 2010

April in Avignon

If you get a chance to listen to Indra Thomas singing LIVE,  please do (YT videos are a bad approximation to what you get from her live performance). I don't like comparing the singers of our time with glories from the past, but Indra's rich timbre makes you think of Leontyne Price -- the resemblance is too strong to ignore. She was my big surprise on the night of that awesome Requiem by Britten at Playel the other night (where I took this pic, btw).
I saw on her website that she'll be singing Aida in Avignon. The tickets are on sale for the matinee of April 25, and the evening of April 27. 
A weekend in Avignon should be goooood. Avignon is famous for its beauty of La Provence, for its old Vatican-interim status (heh!), and for its summer theater festival... To be honest, first thing that comes to my mind after mentioning Avignon is "Les Demoiselles d'Avignon"
Can't you see a gesture of the Pablo's genius in this pic alone?!  This was his homage to Cézanne...   

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