Friday, January 1, 2010

Take this Cecilia Bartoli!

It is unfortunate that the new CD by Simone Kermes has passed so quietly in France, with no fuss, publicity or excitement at all.  The reason is that around the same time Cecilia Bartoli released an album exploring a similar/same repertoire.
Not that I like that repertoire altogether but even after one listening, it is clear to me that Simone hugely outsings Cecilia. But the Bartoli marketing machine did all the PR so well that a casual listener  must have a feeling that Cecilia was actually better and that there is no need to bother listening to Simone's  CD Lava when Cecilia already did what's best in that repertoire! Life is hard...

I listened to Cecilia's concert many times and eventually decided I've had enough of her humming. Instead, I heard Simone Kermes live-singing only ones, in the Dussmann shop in Berlin, and she was great: fun, communicative, positively loopy and singing everything with a mighty punch.

Here is an aria which perfectly fits her temper on stage.

When you see Cecilia sing something this way, please do let me know to go check out her concerts again! ;)

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