Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Anna Netrebko is indeed preparing Anna Bolena

Lekutski posted on YouTube an extensive interview from NewYork with Anna Netrebko for a Russian Television, and which was broadcast before the end of 2009.  In the video I add to this post she confirms that she's preparing the heaviest of the lyric soprano roles,  Donizetti's Anna Bolena

 According to unofficial information she's expected to sing it in Saint-Petersburg by the end of 2010, and then in 2011: January/February in Liceu (Barcelona), in March/April in Staatsoper (Vienna), and then at the opening of the Met season 2011-2012 .

In the above video she also explains the prejudices she's had to fight against, i.e. nobody believed she'd ever sing a Mozart role in Salzburg because the Russian singers are known to have heavy voices which don't fit with the lightness of Mozart.  Yeah right! :)

The interviewer is (very) annoying with all the questions probing/testing her Russian-ness, but that's what you get when you live abroad...
At the end, there is a little bit of crazy Anna too [ see this video ,  ffwd to 4min 35 ] ;)

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