Sunday, January 17, 2010

The night I fell in love with the Queen

France loves England!

Better than this is impossible. To make the full (cca 4 hours long) play/opera, with such an enormous cast and such a respect for the work of Purcell - it's love!

It's the most remarkable combination of the baroque and modern expressions, a celebration of theater immersed in the total beauty of Sheakspearian expression and the sublime of Purcell's music.

Jonathan Kent just knows how to capture the best of British culture, and with the superb actors the success was almost guaranteed. Add to that lots of beautiful singing, the great orchestra lead by a living legend - Bill Christie.

I have a busy day today. Hope to post more on this tomorrow... Cheers

Still busy... but at least I add several pics of the phenomenal set of fantastic actors, singers and dancers, joined by our new fave Jonathan Kent and his greatness William Christie...



 Direction musicale, William Christie
Mise en scène, Jonathan Kent
Décors et costumes, Paul Brown
Lumières, Mark Henderson
Collaborateur aux mouvements, Kim Brandstrup

Soprano, Juno, Lucy Crowe
Bass, Coridon, Winter, Hymen, Sleep, Andrew Foster-Williams
Mystery, 1st Fairy, Nymph, Spring, Claire Debono
Fairies, Miriam Allan, Anna Devin, Maud Gnidzaz
Tenor, Adam, Secrecy, Ed Lyon
Tenor, Summer, Sean Clayton
Bass, Callum Thorpe
Soprano, Night, the Plaint, Emmanuelle de Negri
Mopsa, Robert Burt
Phoebus, Andrew Davies
Autumn, David Webb
Eve, Helen Jane Howells

Theseus, William Gaunt
Egeus, Robert East
Hermia, Alice Haig
Lysander, Nicholas Shaw
Demetrius, Gwilym Lee
Helena, Jo Herbert
Starveling, Roger Sloman
Flute, Robert Burt
Bottom, Desmond Barrit
Quince, Paul Mc Cleary
Snug, Brian Pettifer
Snout, Jack Chissick
Titania, Sally Dexter
Puck, Jotham Annan
Oberon, Finbar Lynch
Danseurs, Laura Caldow, Omar Gordon, Samuel Guy, Anthony Kurt-Gabel, Jarkko Lehmus, Caroline Lynn, Maurizio Montis, Sarah Storer
Chœur et orchestre Les Arts Florissants

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