Sunday, August 21, 2011

Picnicking with your computer: Turn the Screw to Glyndebourne today

Today --Sunday, August 21-- at 19:00 (cet) you can watch the live broadcast of The Turn of the Screw from Glyndebourne. This is a magnificent opera and this particular production (premiered in 2006) might actually be very good.

Jonathan Kent recently offered us a brilliant production of The Fairy Queen and although his Don Giovanni presented at Glyndebourne last year was not so good, we can be optimistic and hope for a thrilling show tonight. Will be interesting how he will cope with the ambiguity of the main character: is she insane or actually possessed by the ghosts?!

The cast is promising with always superb Toby Spence and with Miah Persson opening a non-Mozartian chapter of her career.

You can watch the web-stream either on the Glyndebourne Festival website, or on The Guardian website.  See also an introduction to this opera very well organized by The Guardian staff (and a Trailer below)

It is maybe a moment to remind you of the extraordinary production of this opera presented at Aix several years ago (DVD available), directed by Luc Bondy, conducted by Daniel Harding, and with equally extraordinary Mireille Delunsch in the role of the Governess.


  1. Didn't Persson sing this role in Frankfort four years ago? I just finished watching act I, and not too impressed with her (weak and shrill high notes).

    Very surprised by Mrs. Grose's great singing though (sorry, don't know the singer's name).

    Miles is very good too.

    I enjoyed Spence's colorful singing as well.

    Thanks for the heads up. I almost forgot the broadcast.

  2. This opera is absolutely wonderful in every way you look at it!

    The production is OK, although the claustrophobic element was totally missing. Interesting that Kent has let the "ghosts" touch the kids. The ending was somewhat too implicit, but all in all I thought this was a very fine production -- if not a tad too polished.

    I liked all the singers... Cheers

  3. The set design, lighting and scene changes are awesome here, but the production just feels a little literal for my taste. I was expecting a little more ambiguity, maybe I have been watching too much Regie lately hehe :D
    Interestingly enough I think the rotating set actually adds to the claustrophobic element.
    Agree about the singers, especially Bickley's Mrs Grose and Spence's Quint. Persson is a surprisingly good Governess, but I'm spoiled by Delunsch's badass singing and acting in the final scene.

  4. Hey where are you operacake? Been a month now...

  5. Will soon be back in the loop. Cheers ;)