Sunday, August 7, 2011

One more time on The Life and Death of Marina Abramovic

Before The Life and Death of Marina Abramovic is given at Teatro Real (one of the artistically most exciting Opera houses in Europe right now), and at Theater Basel (widely considered the artistically best Opera House in Europe) --in April and June 2012 respectively-- thanks to  adorablelight we can see a few video excerpts posted on YT [also appended below]

There is also a good trailer on the MIF (Manchester Intl Festival) website.

The critics were of course divided, as they should be when confronted with an innovative theatrical work that includes music by Antony Hegarty, the Balkans' folklore, and Marina's performance art, a loopy story dissolved in the Bob Wilson's theater and his incomparable notion of time...  ;)


  1. Ah, educate me a little more. This is opera singing?

  2. I don't educate; I applaud new opera productions and new art forms -- esp. operatic & theatrical spinoffs.

    That's how opera emerged at the time of Monteverdi...

  3. completely fascinating...and since you were very definitive about not educating, I will make my own interpretation and decide that the idea of "singing" as we think we know it whether opera or musical theater may be being deconstructed in some way (?) though of course I haven't seen the piece and can only wonder...thank you.

  4. Having been inspired by your posting to find out more about Marina, as much as I admire her negotiating the unseen boundaries between art, simple action, and expectation...I'm not sure I'd want to spend a theatrical evening having Bob Wilson & Willem Dafoe (who seems the court jester of the piece lead me around the interior of her brain. - Anonoglinde