Sunday, August 7, 2011

Live Concert from Salzburg for free

René Fleming will sing several songs by Richard Strauss and a scene from Arabella. She will be accompanied by the Wiener Philharmoniker conducted by Christian Thielemann, who will then in the second part perform An Alpine Symphony.

The concert will be live broadcast on starting from 9 p.m. (CET), this coming Monday, August 8th. Here is your link.

From the famous Confiserie Fürst in Salzburg [where you can also find the "real" Mozartkugeln -- the blue ones!]

The program of songs includes Befreit, Winterliebe, Traum durch die Dämmerung, and Gesang der Apollopriesterin.

Since this Orchestra and its Maestro are grandly skillful but lack lyricism, the combination with René Fleming --who often brings too much lyricism to her Lieder interpretations-- might actually work very well.

Of mentioned songs I only really know Befreit [everybody knows that one, I know! :)]
You know that I am not into vintage recordings but please listen to incomparable Gundula Janowitz singing Befreit:

To counterbalance the lovely but vintage stuff, here are three Lieder by Richard Strauss sung by our contemporary angels:

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  1. very much appreciate medici but find their website very frustrating. hate being bombarded with music/video upon entering site - let me choose please. today i took a short break after the act 1 of the verbier tosca and was unable to re access the opera despite repeated attempts. am i alone with this frustration?