Thursday, April 8, 2010

Confirmed: Rienzi on DVD later this year

Next Sunday there will be the last show (in this run) of the excellent new Rienzi produced by Philipp Stölzl's at the Deutsche Oper in Berlin.

Not surprising to see that they've spread the dates for 6 shows over 3 months [2 shows - long break - 2 shows - long break - 2 shows] because otherwise it would be humanly impossible to sing 6 shows in a row. This opera is especially demanding on Adriano [Kate Aldrich] and Rienzi [Torsten Kerl], and also on the chorus.

Torsten Kerl (left) and Kate Aldrich & Camilla Nylund (right)

What is more important for you --who could not go and see the show but who'd love to see/listen to this strange but wonderful opera-- is that this production was filmed in February of 2010 [ when I saw it] and will be released on DVD later this year, by Unitel Classica.  The press person from the Deutsche Oper Berlin confirmed that this DVD will most probably be available in October/November this year.

You're welcome :)

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