Friday, April 16, 2010

Arte alert

The world's coolest TV [Arte, of course!] will soon broadcast two shows that you might wish to check out:

I was sorry not to be able to go and see both of these events live, so here are my two double thanks to Arte!

Arte must be available in one of your cable packages. If you still cannot get to see the above shows, here is something good to comfort you:  3 weeks ago in Dresden Thomas Quasthoff sang the Kindertitelieder by Mahler (Kindertitelieder), and then the Staatskapelle added 6 pieces for large Orchestra by Webern, as well as Also sprach Zaratustra by Strauss. Zubin Mehta conducted and ARTE Live Web recorded. Here is the video:



  1. Is either show offered on liveweb on Arte's website? I can't find them; but I could very well be wrong.

  2. Alas no. You could check out Arte+7 dueing the week following the show. Sometimes they let the free access *normally it's open only for the folks from Germany, France, Belgium, Luxembourg, Holland, and Switzerland).
    The url is


  3. Thank you, Opera Cake. Unforunately, I live in the US, hence no Arte on TV. :(

  4. OK, the recital with Netrebko and Barenboim was BEAUTIFUL.

    It is available on the Arte+7 website. Do check if you have access. It's on this URL:,CmC=3153558,scheduleId=3119550.html

  5. Thanks for your help. I got the NO message: "pour des raisons de droit la consultation de cette video depuis votre pays n'est pas possible"

  6. Sorry Anonymous :(
    They locked the access for the folks outside France and Germany. It's the same when we want to see the SNL videos from Europe [no access].

    I posted the links to several YT videos from the show on