Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Photo Gallery from Warlikowski's Macbeth

To all the folks who made a trip to Brussels to see the most unforgettable production of Macbeth at La Monnaie/De Munt last June, produced by a duo Krzysztof Warlikowski and Małgorzata Szcześniak, with a stunning scenic and vocal performance of all the cast members, and with a particularly inspired orchestra and chorus under the baton of maestro Paul Daniel: Denis Guéguin has set a website with a bunch of photo galleries from this show

You're welcome! I loved it too ;)

To all of you who didn't see the show, these photos might be interesting too.
In addition Andrew Richards writes on his blog about a somewhat painful but passionate process of creating this award winning show (see here, here, here, here
and especially here ).
If the result is what matters the most, then I can simply testify that this was one of those extremely rare opera productions in which everybody seemed to be completely absorbed into a process of creating something unique, special, fascinating, inspiring...  I was rarely as exulted after the show as I was on that Sunday in June.

For his performance Scott Hendricks deserves an Oscar, no less (or whatever the Operatic equivalent award would be).


P.S.  Very busy on this end...


  1. Do you know if that wonderful production will be staged again next season in an europe opera theatre.

  2. Hey AN! Hi Dandini. As far as I know the show will not be back on stage this season but there are chances it will be on next year. It's one of those production that cannot be unpacked from the boxes and after a few days of rehearsals it can be staged again. It is so much based on acting and the chemistry among actors that a supervision by Warlikowski is absolutely indispensable. Now, since the show won the award I guess many theaters will offer to buy the production from La Monnaie/De Munt (like it was the case with Herheim's Rusalka ;) ) Cheers


  4. Because I like you very much...

  5. Thanks!

    It's like a cultural crime that nobody cared to record this gem for a DVD release, while all this inane garbage is being DVD-ized and in part define the taste of new operagoers (that's scary!)

    Hopefully The Rake's Progress in Berlin won't be too far behind this unforgettable Macbeth quality-wise.