Sunday, October 3, 2010

La Prima of Metanoia in Berlin, tonight on Arte

The first new production at Deutsche Staatsoper in Berlin is opening tonight: Metanoia is a world premiere, composed by Jens JoneleitChristoph Schlingensief [director of the (in)famous Parsifal in Bayreuth 2004] was supposed to direct the show but he unfortunately died of lung cancer in August this year (at the age of 49!)...

The show is therefore dedicated to the memory of Christoph Schlingensief. The production team decided not to name a new director, but decided to leave it nameless but they followed the Schlingensief's notes  about the way he envisaged the staging.

Annette Dasch in Metanoia at DSO Berlin (what about the hideous costumes?!) [Photo: © Lucie Jansch]

The underlying inspiration for this work is Nietzsche's The Birth of Tragedy. Metanoia is consisted of 5 scenes, each "exploring the interaction among individuals, society and art" [whatever that really means.]

Daniel Barenboim will conduct and the soloists will be Annette Dasch, Daniel Schmutzhard, Graham Clark, Alfred Reiter and Anna Prohaska.

Tonight [Sunday, October 3], right after the premiere at DSO Berlin, the world's coolest TV [Arte, of course] will broadcast the show. Set your DVR - Arte at 22:25 (cet) for 90 minutes of Metanoia!

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