Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Der Rap des Nibelungen

Another exciting theater in Switzerland is Theatre Freiburg. It's very Regie-oriented with a goal to resonate more explicitly with cultural needs of the people of Freiburg. In 2009-2010 they completed their Ring des Nibelungen which received rave reviews (especially Das Rheingold and Die Walküre). This season they will run the whole cycle twice...

In parallel they organized Der Rap des Nibelungen, to increase their interaction with younger audience and introduce them adiabatically to the Wagner's masterpiece. To that end they unified theater groups of youngsters from Freiburg and a rap-band from Berlin and produced a Ring that proved to be success. It was premiered last June and several shows were performed at the main theater in front of the packed house.  Here is a collage of the photos taken during the show:

and here is a video explaining the concept (unfortunately there is no video recorded excerpt available on YouTube or DailyMotion)

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