Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Bieito's Aida @ Theater Basel - trailer


  1. Thank you for the video...

    In case you're interested in the next new Bieito's production, that is Liceu's Carmen, here you are some photos of the scenery...

    Unfortunately I will not attend to the dress rehearsal, but I'll be there for the opening night, September 27...

  2. Thanks Mei! I saw three pics on the Liceu website.

    I might go to Autonoma (not sure yet though), in which case I'd try and hop to Liceu to see one of the early shows. Otherwise I'd definitely come for one in the second run [in 2011] - with Antonacci.

    Will you see other casts? [Uria-Monzon is not my prefered Carmen] Too bad Liceu didn't engage Stéphanie d'Oustrac, who must be one of the best Carmen today. I'm not complaining - just saying :)

  3. It's been an amazing performance. You should all come an see it! Basel's always worth a trip anyway :)

  4. Do tell us more about the show dear Anonymous! ;)

  5. @Opera-Cake, the Carmen run has five different casts...!! I'll attend the September 27, the October 2 (popular prices) and Octiber 17...

    I'm thinking on attending to a performance with Jossie Perez and Brandon Jovanovich...

    Regarding the July performances I dont't know yet, I'll get some tickets later...

  6. Thanks Mei! I was thinking to catch the show with Perez & Jovanovich. There's been much talk about Perez's Carmen and Jovanovich sounds excellent on YT so...

    I'm looking forward to reading your review after the premiere :)


  7. He missed the point entirely and lead so many people down the garden path. Where was the insest? where was the rattle of the simple man? where was Aida? What was he thinking? I can't believe that he gave an interview in which he felt he needed to explain what the work was all about, Verdi didn't do that and he wrote the piece. OK so Verdi wasn't at the opening night, but he launched his own production 2 months later in Milan and he missed all the points that Bieito seems to think he has found.

  8. I don't get your point.

    What incest are you talking about?

    There is nothing left out wrt what you find in the libretto. It is the story of Aida like any other --as Angeles Blancas says it in the trailer-- except that Calixto set it in an environment which allowed him to make a bunch of statements about our society and us, some of which might have disturbed you.

    Normally, when you have a new production, you ask ALWAYS a director to give us two or three points to say in what way he approached a given opera. Why is that a problem for you? Because Verdi didn't give "TV interviews" in the times when he composed this opera?