Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Farnace for the people

Tonight May 30 at 8 p.m. (cet) you may watch the live-webcast from Opéra National du Rhin - Strasbourg, of their new production of Farnace, a Vivaldi opera that I don't particularly like but I'm sure that always phenomenal Max Emanuel Cencic will find a way to make it extra-exciting. The rest of the castt looks good on paper too.

Ruxandra Donose and Max Emanuel Cencic [photo ©Alain Kaiser]

I'm still to see Giulio Cesare that was live webcast three days ago from Salzburg, mainly because our fave Christophe Dumaux ;)

Farnace, May 30 2012, at 20:00 Paris time
dir- Lucinda Childs, cnd- George Petrou (Concerto Köln), cast: Max Emanuel Cencic, Vivica Genaux, Ruxandra Donose, Mary Ellen Nesi, Emiliano Gonzalez Toro, Carol Garcia, Juan Sancho]

Video embedded below.

or on this link

I am RIDICULOUSLY busy but it should be better later this week. There are plenty of things I need to blog about...

BTW guys, If you plan an opera trip to see something creative, new and to open your horizons, then Dresden is the place where IT happens.
Dresden is new Munich, i.e. what the Munich Opera used to be before turning into this star-studded pile of spaghetti.
Don't forget that Dresden is only a 2 hours ride from Berlin where Dietmar Schwarz takes over the Deutsche Oper and Barie Kosky announces a new scheme at the perpetually creative Komische Oper (and yes, I saw Xerxes a few days ago -- together with Lohengrin and Rusalka, this is the best Herheim has done in his career -- OK I loved Don Giovanni too, Parsifal... At least at the Komische he didn't have to make concessions as not to upset the easily outrageable conservatives)

BUT Dresden is the current hot spot as far as opera --as an art form-- is concerned. After the most outstanding Alcina, I saw the premiere of a slightly disturbing but very cleverly staged and engaging take on La Clemenza di Tito.


On all of the above and more... dès que j'aurai un peu du temps libre!


  1. Vivaldi: Farnace Cencic/Dunose ARTE LiveWeb 30 May has been streamed at 17.00 CET. It will be online for two months

  2. I really can't say that the Salzburg Giulio Cesare made any sense to me (other than borrowing from Peter Sellars?), but I am interested to hear what you think.