Saturday, May 19, 2012

Ascolta! Se Romeo t'uccise un figlio... Trebs time!

Live stream from the Bavarian State Opera of  I Capuleti e i Montecchi --the famous Bellini's take on Romeo and Juliet-- is about to start. The libretto of this opera is maybe not as bad as that of Norma, but it is awful anyway. However, there are some terrific tunes that will hopefully be well sung by Anna Netrebko and Vesselina Kasarova. Dimitri Pittas, Ante Jerkunica and Paul Gay complete the cast.

The production must be 'harmless' --Vincent Boussard is a specialist for what you can call "safe nice shows"-- so the traditionalists and conservatives won't be outraged.  Here is your link 
[libretto here]

Netrebko was terrific in this role a few years ago in a Robert Carsen production in Paris -- she and Joyce DiDonato rocked Bastille.

Trailer of this [Munich] production is attached below...
Udachi Anna!

I am very VERY busy. Hopefully will be back blogging a bit more next week. Cheers everyone...


  • Cool singing by Pittas! 
  • Jerkunica is a member of the ensemble of the Deutsche Oper Berlin and is singing more and more often outside Berlin. Was progressively getting better with a large positive coefficient! He's about to become our new Misha Petrenko. Bravo!
  • Good going Vesselina!
  • Let me be nice and say that Boussard is a French equivalent to Pier Luigi Pizzi. ;) 
  • Trebs... here comes "Oh quante volte" BRAVISSIMA! (LOVE Trebs!)

  • Excellent duo Vieni ah vieni/Cedi ah cedi

  • This scene looked nicer: sink must be a reference to Kusej (Genoveva) or any Warlkowski show. Cool costumes by Lacroix, but I'm still waiting for the director's input...
  • And so in the last scene of Part One something was actually happening on the stage with  director's fingers in it... Better late! Trebs of course rocks and Kasarova is excellent, with brilliant Jerkunica... plus a glass of wine and we like it! :)
    This is really a display of bel canto...

  • 30 min break...
  • Morte io non temo... Ah, non poss'io partire is one of the best of bel canto arias - Brava Anna!
  • The productions is in fact a series of pleasantly designed images: bourgeois entertainment 101 :)
  • Good duo Kasarova/Pittas!  Bravi!
  • Finale (Vesselina struggles but it's passionnant anyway... Enjoy!


  1. Baltsa, Gruberova and Muti are unbeatable in this!

    1. Check out this one:

  2. "Netrebko was terrific in this role a few years ago in a Robert Carsen production in Paris -- she and Joyce DiDonato rocked Bastille".

    Hehe... that's one we left at the interval.

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