Sunday, March 11, 2012

Stefan Herheim and La Bohème

I still believe it's a shame that Stefan Herheim wasted his huge talent on this pile of obsolete cheese [no good if opera is ever to evolve away from cheese and triviality (but that's another story...)], but if there is anything that could make me endure Mimi(mimimi...) and Rodolfo for all four Acts, it's the Herheim's regie.

From the Herheim's production of La Bohème at Den Norske Opera, January-March 2012

Since the run of that new production at Den Norske Opera in Oslo is over, and the DVD is in preparation (to be released later this year), the Norwegian TV NRK2 will broadcast the show tonight [Sunday, March 11 2012] at 21:10. [Try this link or google to find another source of live stream]

Pics and more about this production can be found on wagneropera, and the trailer is given below.

La Bohème [dir- Stefan Herheim, cnd- Eivind G. Jensen & Kirill Karabits, cast: Diego Torre, Marita Sølberg, Vasily Ladyuk, Jennifer Rowley, Giovanni Battista Parodi, ...]

I'll be at TCE tonight, so if anyone gets to record this show,  please let me know. Thanks!

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