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Gerard Mortier is a genius. He not only changed the operatic world, but he still keeps the level of creativity, musical and theatrical excellence that even those with multiple times higher budgets (such as the case with the Paris Opera for example) do not come even close to the level of homogeneity in quality, structural diversity of the operatic seasons in Madrid year after year.

Like in previous years, the program for 2012-2013 at Teatro Real in Madrid contains something for everyone. It's the top notch in every aspect, and there are no overrated stars to hide the misery of the productions... It's just great!

We notice that the two production that Mortier mounted while he was running the Paris Opera will find their way to Madrid: Wozzeck staged by Christoph Marthaler and Macbeth by Tcherniakov. In addition to the groundbreaking production of Don Giovanni by Tcherniakov, Teatro Real announces several new productions including Boris Godunov directed by Johan Simons (no less!) and Die Zauberflöte by Robert Carsen (and with Berliner Philharmoniker performing under Sir Simon Rattle), Cosi fan tutte by Michael Haneke... and more (see below)

Operas in concerts are terrific too with the outstanding cast for Parsifal in particular.

Teatro Real in Madrid 2012-2013

Sept/Oct 2012: Boris Godunov - new production [dir- Johan Simons, cnd- Hartmut Haenchen, cast: Günther Groissböck, Stefan Margita, Michael König, Anatoli Kotscherga, Engeny Nikitin, Yuri Nechaev, Andrey Popov...]

November 2012: Il prigoniero/Suor Angelica - new production [dir- Lluis Pasqual, cnd- Ingo Metzmacher, cast: Deborah Polaski, Vito Priante/Georg Nigl, Donald Kasch/René Kollo; Julianna Di Giacomo/Veronica Dzhioeva,...]

December 2012: Macbeth [dir- Dmitri Tcherniakov, cnd- Teodor Currentzis, cast: Dimitris Tiliakos, Violeta Urmana, Stefano Secco, Dmitry Ulianov...]

January/February 2013: The Perfect American (new opera by Philip Glass) [dir- Phelim McDermott, cnd- Dennis Russel Davies, cast: Christopher Purves...]

February/March 2013: Cosi fan tutte [dir- Michael Haneke, cnd- Sylvain Cambreling, cast: Juan Francisco Gatell, Kerstin Avemo, Annett Fritsch...]

April 2013: Don Giovanni [dir- Dmitri Tcherniakov, cnd- Alejo Pérez, cast: Paul Groves, Kyle Katelsen, Christine Schäfer, Mojca Erdmann, Russell Braun, Anatoli Kotscherga...]

May 2013: La rappresaglia - new production [dir- Andrea De Rosa, cnd- Riccardo Muti]

June 2013: Wozzeck [dir- Christoph Marthaler, cnd- Sylvain Cambreling, cast: Simon Keenlyside, Nadja Michael, Franz Hawlata, Scott Wilde, Jon Villars, Gerhard Siegel...]

June/July 2013: Die Zauberflöte - new production [dir- Robert Carsen, cnd- Sir Simon Rattle (Berliner Philharmoniker), cast: Dmitry Ivashchenko, Joesph Kaiser, José Van Dam, Camilla Tilling, Simone Kermes, Michael Nagy, Chen Reiss, Annick Massis, Magdalena Kozena, Nathalie Stutzmann]

July 2013: Il Postino [dir- Ron Daniels, cnd- Pablo Heras Casado, cast: Charles Castronovo, Cristina Gallardo-Domas, Placido Domingo, Sylvia Schwartz]

Opera in concert: 

September 2012: Moses und Aron [cnd- Sylvain Cambreling, cast: Franz Grundheber, Andreas Conrad...]

March 2013: Roberto Devereux [cnd- Andry Yurkevych, cast: Edita Gruberova, Sonia Ganassi, Vladimir Stoyanov, José Bros]

January/February 2013: Parsifal [cnd- Thomas Helgenbrock, cast: Matthias Goerne, Victor van Helem, Johannes Martin Kränzle, Angela Denoke, Simon O'Neill, John Relyea]

March 2013: Les pêcheurs de perles [cnd- Daniel Oren, cast: Patricia CiofiJuan Diego Florez, Mariusz Kwiecien]

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  1. Interesting. Enjoy your blog and have linked it to mine:

    I had read that Matthias Goerne (Parisfal) had retired. Am I mistaken, or is he now selectively singing certain concerts? Or is this a cast list made before his announcement?