Monday, February 7, 2011

To see

[Sorry guys -- too busy these days.]

Three interesting operas to see within next 10 days on Mezzo-TV:
  1. Alcina from Vienna, that we got to see in Paris in concert, was filmed in Vienna and it will be broadcast tomorrow, February 8 at 20:30 (cet)
    dir-Adrian Noble, cnd-Marc Minkowski, cast: Anja Harteros, Veronica Cangemi, Vesselina Kasarova, Kristina Hammarström, Benjamin Bruns, Adam Plachetka

  2. Giulio Cesare from Opéra Garnier in Paris will be on Mezzo-TV next Saturday, February 12 at 20:30 (cet)
    dir-Laurent Pelly, cnd-Emmanuelle Haïm, cast: Lawrence Zazzo, Natalie Dessay, Isabel Leonard, Christophe Dumaux, Varduhi Abrahamyan, Nathan Berg, Dominique Visse, Aimery Lefèvre

  3. Francesca da Rimini  from Opéra Bastille in Paris will be live broadcast on Wednesday, February 16 at 19:30 (cet)
    dir-Giancarlo Del Monaco, cnd-Daniel Oren, cast: Svetla Vassilieva, Roberto Alagna, William Joyner, George Gagnidze, Wojtek Smilek, Louise Callinan...

Bobby is apparently in top form vocally and after 7 years of absence from the Paris Opera he's back, in the role of Paolo [Francesca da Rimini] in the production that apparently received a cascade of boos after the premiere. After the atrocious production of Andrea Chénier last year, I obviously would not pay to see any opera "directed" by Giancarlo del Monaco anymore, but since it goes on TV I may give it a try.
Do subscribe to Mezzo-TV if you possibly can. It's not expensive at all, the program they offer is really great (opera, concerts -- as well as jazz, if you like it), and they need subscribers to keep doing such a great job as they did thus far.

And last but not least, there is a video available for free viewing of the entire closing concert of the Folle Journée de Nantes,  in the last part of which you may find a superb Olga Peretyatko singing Vier Letzte Lieder [starting from the 1:03:50 mark in the video appended below]


  1. Does anyone know if Mezzo TV is available outside Europe? I'm in NY and would subscribe but don't know if I'd have access. Thanks for any info. Joann

  2. Hi Joann! I'll ask the same question the guys from Mezzo. They are now available pretty much everywhere in Europe, but I'm not sure about the US [with such a huge offer of TV packages how coud I be?! ;) ] Cheers

  3. Sorry Joann. I've just received a mail from Mezzo saying:For the moment Mezzo-TV is not available in the US.

  4. I have tried to ply out of the reason they are not in the U.S. They do not respond.
    According to Wikipedia:
    "In the Scandinavian region the channel is distributed by Scandinavian television broadcaster NonStop Television, part of Turner Broadcasting System, TBS, Inc., which merged with Time Warner in 1996, and now operates as a semi-autonomous unit of Time Warner."

    There may be a couple of avenues to encouraging Mezzo to present in the U.S.

    1. Contacting Time Warner

    2. Starting a petition urging Mezzo to offer their programming in the U.S.

    Would Opera Cake be interested in initiating this petition? Many other classical performing arts websites would hopefully encourage their patrons to sign it.