Thursday, February 24, 2011

Rusalka, Tannhäuser and Faust

A scene from Rusalka at Komische Oper in Berlin (photo ©KOB)

Barrie Kosky presented his new production of Rusalka at the Komische Oper in Berlin.
[Super-duper talented Patrick Lange conducted!] Here is a trailer for us to drool (OK, not quite -- I went to see a superb production of Hérodiade in Ghent -- that I'll post about tomorrow)

Another interesting event was the new production of Tannhäuser in Zurich, maybe not so much for the production as it was for its musical quality due to Ingo Metzmacher and Nina Stemme who was in one of her best roles (Elisabeth). The main curiosity was, however, Vesselina Kasarova singing her first Venus ever. Here is a long trailer where you can listen to a small chunk of her aria (try to ignore that horrible voiceover...)

BTW, Cecilia Bartoli fans might enjoy seeing a long video excerpt from her recent Zurich presence in the new production of Le comte Or [c.f. video here ]

And finally a show that I truly regret to have missed is new Andres Homoki's gem, Faust at the Staatsoper in Hamburg.
I listened to the radio broadcast (recorded) and Giuseppe Filianoti sounded great. In the video trailer below the voiceover is terrible again, but at least you can see a bit of Homoki's ideas.


  1. It appears that on all the blogs etc. I am the only person who has actually seen that :).

  2. What do you mean? You saw all 3-4 of them. I'll see Rusalka during the festival @Komische, and I am truly sorry I've missed Faust.

    Now I'm on my way to Strasbourg to see the premiere of The Gotterdammerung ;)

  3. Ok, the reference was unclear maybe.
    Reference was to the last bit mentioned, Faust.
    Of all the blogs and Forums (?), I read, not one single person has written something about that production :).
    Only you now, that you have NOT seen it ;).

  4. Thanks for clarifying. And how it was? Do tell...

    I'm in Strasbourg and it'S the 2nd intermission of a very enjoyable production of the Gotterdammerung...

  5. Very curious to hear about the Flemish Opera Hérodiade. More soon on the Kosky Rusalka.

  6. Thanks Renaud. Looking forward to your review.
    As for Hérodiade, I think the Flemish Opera showed the recipe to revitalize this opera, to give it extra-depth, and make it dramatically more vibrant.
    Cheers [and thx for the link]