Monday, December 20, 2010

Waiting for Bieito's Fidelio [pics!]

No, we do not want to know any detail about the Bieito-production of Fidelio before its premiere at Bayrische Staatsoper (BSO), Munich. However, we can't resist checking rehearsal pics [see BSO blog]

Calixto Bieito and Jonas Kaufmann preparing the premiere of a new production of Fidelio at BSO in Munich
and also a dozen of pics taken during the last dress rehearsal (attached below). Personally, I wish I will be proven wrong but von Peter's Fidelio at Komische will be hard to beat...

Jonas risks again to have the show stolen by his female costar, Anja.
In Lohengrin --also in Munich-- Anja Harteros sang the best Elsa ever. This time Anja Kampe might do the same with Leonore.

If you want to listen to the premiere, BR radio will provide live broadcast on this link starting from 19:00 (cet) [December 21 2010].

Daniele Gatti and Calixto Bieito
From what I could see in the Spanish press, there won't be violence, sex, or corrupted CEOs... in this Fidelio. They [Spanish press] even go on and speculate that Bieito might have transformed from operatic Tarantino and became operatic Bergman.;)

Marzelline (Laura Tatulescu) and Leonore (Anja Kampe)

Rocco (Franz-Josef Selig), Leonore and Marzelline

Florestan (Jonas Kaufmann)

Leonore and Florestan

Rocco, Leonore, and Pizarro (Wolfgang Koch)

I understood all the photos are ©Wilfried Hösl.


  1. Oh, thank you for sharing these! If I had to pick a favorite opera, I would probably choose Fidelio, and I too am anxiously waiting for the premiere (and hoping my students will be done with their exam in time for me to hear the broadcast from the beginning! I'm also quite intrigued by this photograph with what seem to be newspaper photos of Florestan.

    The image of Leonore, in blue, fixing Florestan's tie is so filled with joy ("O Namenlose Freude!"?) that I can't help but smile, looking at it. Will you be going to the premiere, or a later performance?

  2. Hi Lucy! Thanks for the link.

    I am supposed to go in a cpl of hours but am now stuck waiting for a plumber to come and stop a "wiki-leak" in my kitchen...

    More tomorrow. Cheers