Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Die Passagierin on DVD

I just noticed an important DVD release: The Passenger,  opera by Mieczyslaw Moisey Weinberg, that was fully staged last summer in Bregenz for the first time ever. You can order it from  amazon.de or amazon.fr, and next month from amazon.co.uk too [didn't find any info about the release date amazon.com]

I saw this show in Bregenz and discussed it on this blog - c.f. here [there you can also find the synopsis for this opera as well as a bunch of production photos].  Together with DVD you get a short illustrated book about Weinberg's extraordinary life and about this opera in particular. Read it before watching the show -- it very much changes your perspective.

To me this was (one of) the most intense emotional operatic moment(s) in 2010. Thanks to David Pountney and to the whole production team.

Wholeheartedly recommended!


  1. I have just seen a broadcasting of the Bregenz performance in the Danish National TV. Before today, I had not heard anything about the composer nor the opera and accidently came across the broadcasting while zapping. Already after a few notes I was transfixed by the opera and stopped zapping. Now, a huge black hole in my music knowledge is closed!!! In my opinion this opera is one of the most important ones of our time. I definitely will buy this DVD!